In October 2013, David produces Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet, the Hindemith Violin Concerto with Robert Chen soloist, and the live web cast of Verdi's Requiem with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Riccardo Muti. Tags: Riccardo Muti; Chicago SYmphony Orchestra

The Producer's Role

Recording is a rewarding and challenging experience for any artist. My role as producer is to guide the artist through the experience and to allow them to perform to the best of their abilities, without the worry of practical considerations. The producer’s responsibilities include consulting about repertoire, budget, venue and engineering; preparing for and helping to arrange the recording sessions; producing the recording sessions; creating editing plans and supervising all post-production activities such as editing, mixing and mastering.

At the recording session itself, I work directly with the engineer to create the optimal recorded sound. Offering both technical and musical expertise, I serve as the artist’s “other” set of ears in the control room. The trust between artist and producer frees the artist to focus on the creative aspects of their performance.

After the sessions are completed, I employ sophisticated digital editing and mixing to create an ideal performance of the recorded material.

My goal is to help artists create their best possible performances, and to present these performances with a recorded sound which is of the highest quality, both technically and aesthetically. I assist in the realization of the entire recording project, from its inception to the creation of the final product.

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