"David Frost possesses a fantastic ear and a measured discipline which gives him the stamina to complete difficult projects. His calm, encouraging presence soothes nerves and any anxiety regarding the outcome of a given project. I have had the great pleasure of working with him on many of my recent recordings."
“I’m pleased to say how satisfying my professional and personal relationship with David Frost has always been. He is a serious producer and a conscientious musician, and a fantastic person to work with. His behavior to the artists is such as to get the best possible results for any project he is involved with.”
"I worked with Mr. David Frost on several recordings, for which he acted as producer, including Mozart Concerti with Alicia de Larrocha and some songs of mine with Renée Fleming. I was extremely happy with his work on these projects, and I cannot imagine anyone more qualified to act as a record producer for classical recordings."
"David Frost has an ear from God. He is a musician's producer - that is, he is always aware of both the music and the performance and knows how to both urge the performers to do their best and capture them in an audio tour-de-force which then allows the true essence of the music to sing."
"David is the unlikely combination of a rock solid producer with an imagination that flies high. I love working with him!"
"I had the absolute pleasure of working with record producer David Frost on several projects that were very important to me. I could not have asked for someone better to record new music with. For the album of my string quartets for instance, it was if I had a duplicate set of my own ears in the studio control room, looking out for what I had intended the music to sound like. I could just concentrate on playing with the musicians in the hall, knowing that David was right there with us. He was our 5th man, his instrument was his ears!"
"David Frost is an extraordinary producer. I have worked with him on over 7 albums and hope to make more in the future! He takes the time to really listen to one's needs and gently assert calm in a very pressured and intense recording situation. I trust his deep musicianship and his ability to capture a very warm and refined sound. When I know David Frost is involved in the project, I immediately relax."
"Uncanny ears and an absolute joy to work with."
“David Frost's qualities as a producer are exceptional: he possesses the understanding of a highly sensitive and tasteful musician, allowing him to balance the role of skilful guide with an ability to step back and allow the artist space and freedom to create. His unfailing ear, intuition and unrelenting commitment are remarkable. At the same time, he remains flexible and open-minded to new ideas, creating an ideal, supportive atmosphere. He produces results of the highest quality and it is simply a joy to work with him.”
"The Buffalo Philharmonic and I tremendously enjoyed our musical collaboration with David Frost. His extraordinary ear, musical sensitivity and artistic understanding helped us create a superb CD of which the entire organization is very proud."
"Within fifteen seconds of the beginning of the recording session, David had earned our full confidence. He has impeccable musical taste and judgement, and a wonderful sense and light touch in dealing with musicians. We were thrilled with the way he made us sound, and look forward to our next opportunity to have him produce recordings for us."